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Friday, 8 August 2008

Label want money?

Quote label guy on myspace:
"Hiya Matte, Ok here it is for you to have a look over I will explain on here first as it may be easier that way and call later if you like. I work for a company called tjkadgkfg which is based in wtlwhrjsdfha. We put together promo copy only albums which are distributed to the top 2000 music industry professionals in the UK Ireland. They are not sold in any stores but go out on 500 vinyl 1500 cds to djs, independent djs, radio djs (not only your Radio 1s XFMS of this world but also your more local university stations), music agencies, promoters venues also get copies (which helps you out with gigs tours) tv companies, advertising agencies, music press record labels."

"Obviously because we don"t sell the albums, that's why we charge a fee. Now if you were to do this yourself in the UK, it could cost you anything between £5000 £8000. That's where we come in, we look after the whole pressing mastering of the cd vinyl (this is done at Revolution, one of the finest studios in the country, check them out in my friends list on myspace) aswell as the distribution."

"To actually book onto the album you don"t have to pay the full £500 straight away (Band have money?), but we do ask for a £100 deposit as this then secures your place on the album (the rest you can pay off in instalments if you wish). You get copies of the album yourself (5 on vinyl 10 on cd). We always say to try keep your track to a maximum of 4 mins long as you want as much radio play as possible."

"Once your track has been released, you start to get all your reaction sheets back to let you know how your track has been doing (whether that be record label interest, tour interest or even radio shows). There are 10 artists on each album (10 different tracks) your copyright is not affected at all as it's a promo only copy album."

"We only have two slots left on the albums for the rest of the year now."

"Does this sound like something you would be interested in?"
End quote


Mattias said...

Stor humor. Men, även Sonic och Groove tar betalt av artister för att medverka på deras blandskivor...

matterask said...

How band get rich, when give money away. GZ first Comment!!

skwbn said...

ja femhundra spänn kostar det att vara med på sonic. Det är jävligt sjukt igentligen.

matterask said...

Hej Sonic. Jag har hört att det kostar 500 spänn att vara med på eran samlingsskiva. Jag har 500 spänn.

mRa (Culkin)


Det kostar 5000 kronor.

Däremot brukar vi ge osignade band som vi gillar superrabattpriset 500 kronor.

Men oavsett om det är osignade band eller superetablerade band är hela poängen med CD:n att VI gör urvalet. Det går alltså inte köpa sig in...

Vi ska lyssna på dig. Gillar vi det kanske vi hör av oss om CD:n.

mvh Pierre Hellqvist/Sonic

Mattias said...


Pröva skittidningen Groove också! Där är det en tusing.